PLEASE NOTE: ONLY individuals who reside within the borders of what is, generally, considered as the "LOWER 48" a nd/or the CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA shall be eligible to bid on the subject item of the following listing. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER BIDS ( e.g., ALASKA, HAWAII AND INTERNATIONAL ) SHALL BE ACCEPTED!

Up for your consideration for bidding is an On30 SEARCHLIGHT CAR WITH A GENERATOR AND AN ON/OFF SWITCH .

Many of you may remember the words: "Return with us now,...to those thrilling days of yesteryear,...The LONE RANGER rides again!!" Some of you may, also, remember a time when LIONEL produced a car with a searchlight,...and both occured during about the same period of time.

Since those days back in the early 1950s, I've not seen any such type cars produced. At the same time, I've never been as deeply involved with railroading as some of you are,...old or young. However, I do remember a pal of mine, at that time, had received a Searchlight Car as a Christmas present and he soon became the envy,...and most popular,... kid on the blockfor quite a while.

The project started with a Bachmann Spectrum Baltimore and Ohio Flat Car. I gave the surface a WOODEN DECKING made of hand-cut, 1:48 scale planks and the entire surface and sides were covered with several coats of Navy Gray ACRYLIC PAINT
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