Very nice quality set of 4 American Brilliant cut glass tumblers. The set was cut by the J.D. Bergen company of Meriden, CT. Bergen was another major player in the production of American Cut Glass. The tumblers are cut in the "Bedford" pattern. A classic pattern involving large hobstars and notched miters.

This was a well produced pattern by Bergen and it might not be that difficult to find a pitcher or decanter should one wish to make a set. This auction is for 4 tumblers. I also have a singel in a seperate auction.

The glass blanks are blown. They are excellent quality, crystal clear and heavy. Deep cutting also .

The tumblers meas ures 3 inches diameter and 3 3/4 inches tall. The pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or flakes. The rims are original. Flouresces under the blacklight to show American Brilliant (1876-1916).

Each winning item will be carefully packaged for safe delivery. Particulaly fragile items are generally double boxed with packing between the boxes. This is the only method for safe delivery of cut glass. Winners of multiple auctions will receive a shipping discount if not free shipping on the additional items as long as items can be packaged together. Returns are accepted for items not as described. Please notify me within 3 days of receiving your item.

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