One-of-a-kind Colonial Quilt Made by 8th Graders at Stella Schola Middle School

This one-of-a-kind colonial quilt was lovingly made by eighth grade students at Stella Schola Middle School .

Students studied the American Revolution and the colonization of the United States . As part of a hands-on experience integrating mathematics, language arts and social studies, students created their own quilt. The quilt is comprised of 30 individual sections, each sewn by hand and reinforced by machine. The border is a patriotic red, blue and white wedges, and the individual squares are comprised of blue, red, and white geometric and star patterns. The entire quilt is lined on the back with a geometric white crisscross on a blue background, and measures 79" x 94".

The money from this quilt will be used to replenish the budget for next year's students' quilt making experience. Students have signed the back of the quilt.