One Pound Steel 1878 Morgan Head Zinc,Copper Bullion

Here is a great lot of mixed Bullion coins and U.S. 2009 Penny Rolls. The first is a Beautiful One Pound Replica Steel Commemorative of a 1878 Morgan Head Dollar. It is three and a half inches in diameter and over a quarter inch thick. The next is a 5 troy oz. Zince Bullion Bar that is two inches by one inch by one half inch thick. Next are Five One Oz. Copper Rounds of The American Indian,The American Buffalo,Morgan Head Dollar,Walking Liberty,and the Statue of Liberty. Gorgeous Commemorative Coins. Last is a roll of each 2009 Lincoln Penny Type 1,2,3,4.

If you like collecting large commemorative coins and Bullion and did not get in on the 2009 Lincoln Penny craze then this will be a very nice collection to have.

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