One unsearched Half Dollar Roll

One unsearched, crimped bank wrapped roll of half dollars. You may find Kennedy, Franklin, or Liberty halves, but of course the only thing we can guarantee is that there will be at least $10 worth of half dollars. We have found silver in some, while others have had none, but that is the fun of it. We just bought 4 more boxes of these, 1 for us and 3 to share.
All rolls are unopened, crimped on both sides. The pictures are of the actual types of rolls we will be sending. They are wrapped by Dunbar and will be in either brown or white wrappers as shown
Unlike some other sellers, we do NOT weigh these and they are all picked out of the box randomly. Even if there is silver showing on the end of the roll, we will send it. If you decide to buy from someone else, please make sure that they don't weigh them 1st. Otherwise it is meaningless to be unsearched, as they are taking all the heavy rolls (that have silver) for themselves. One seller even admits on his auction that if it has silver showing he "of course keeps it for himself". We always buy at least 2 boxes, one for us, and the rest to sell. With all this said, we must stress that as these are truly unsearched rolls, so we CANNOT guarantee that the roll you buy will have silver in it but we feel that we do give you the most honest chance of it.
We have 100% positive
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