Oneida Tom's Diner 3 Bowls 6" Cereal Serving Pasta Bowl Restaurant Type China

Here are 3 of the Tom's Diner 6" "mixing" bowls. I have seen them as part of the mixing bowl set. However, when I got them they were shown only as a stack of bowls all alike and I got them to eat from. They are in really nice condition. They are 6.5" across (the outside not the inside of the opening) and about 3" high, and weigh over a pound and 5 ounces each. I have used these a lot since I got them but since I never use a knife or even a fork in the bowls they are not excessively marked up. I do not eat meat so utensil marks are minimal. After the 8 or so years I have used them there are some marks but not deep and not excessive. I also do not have a dishwasher so have always hand washed them. They are not minty but they are very nice. The unglazed "ring" that rests on the table is a bit darkened but not gross or anything. There may be some tiny gray marks on the bowls from touching pans in the dishwater but I will try to remove any that I see. This is wonderful china dinner ware that is the same sort of china that cafes used back in the day. It is great for soups and pasta dishes and salads because there is room for the food so it is not right up to the top and spilling over. From a smoke free home. I do not accept returns unless I have misrepresented the item in the description.

Please understand that I do not want to
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