ONESOLE, many mates, Corky, womens shoe size 6

Onesole -- "The Original Interchangeable Shoe" -- is known for its comfort and versatility. It is a lightweight shoe with a self conforming EVA soft step insole. The tops can be changed quickly and easily with a couple of snaps. The tops are made of neoprene that conforms to the foot and is super comfortable with many prints available. Additional sets of tops can also be purchased separately to add to your collection.

Not just any shoes, ONESOLE shoes. Onesole shoes are comfortable, affordable, fashionable and even orthopedic. You can be on your feet all day and still have happy feet. Buy one pair of shoes(soles) and you can have the option of changing the look of the shoe anyway you choose by buying difference tops. One pair of shoes many different tops. Great for traveling! What a space saver! This shoe retails on the ONESOLE website for 120.00.

This pair has been very, gently worn a couple of times.

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