OnPoint Tactical Gear Tactical Medic EMS SWAT Vest

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SKU 33-MV01

Medic designed. Medic intended. For Medics.

Patented - Contact us if you want to license this design.

Are you tired of wearing a tactical EMS vest that was basically designed as an infantry vest that got butcd? We got sick of wearing poor quality combat medic vests that were simply not designed by medics. So, in HSgear fashion, we made our own vest - the Care Under Fire Tactical Medical Vest.

Designer Mike Silverman, has been a medic for 16 years. He's worn good gear, he's worn junk. But at the end of the day, the thing that ticked him off the most is that every medic vest on the market seemed to be some sort of generic field utility vest and not a real combat medic vest. So he designed one that finally meets the needs of tactical medics worldwide.

Medics need better features!

The MV01 was designed to provide the features medics need to get their jobs done. Some of the key features of this vest are:

"Blood Bucket Design" pockets (patent pending) that open like an accordion file to let you see exactly what's in your vest without dumping all of your gear or opening 25 little pockets to find your favorite gadget or device. A real shooting shoulder! Why in the world do designers assume that just because
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