OOAK Baby FAIRY nymph with wings pendant necklace hang up ornament TROLLTRACKS


WELCOME TO HOB KNOBBY HOLLOW! Join me as we discover NATURE SPIRITS! that live just beyond the foggy glen where mortals never go. Where nothing is what it seems to be, and expectations are best left at the nearest tree! Whether hung on a tree, a nail, or around your neck,Nature Spirit pendants allow a little magic and nature into your life. ABOUT THIS SCULPT A little FAIRY nymph with wings! This sculpt is about 2.5" long. A sleeping fairy nymph made from polymer clay- head/hands only sculpt with added fibers and little purpley pink flower wings.She holds a little bell. This little fairy will soon break free and fly away! So cute that it would make a great pendant or fairy tree decoration. I have this fairy nymph on a brown pendant cord. You can wear it as a pendant or hang her nearby where you work. All original with no molds used. Made from a lump of professional polymer clay. My creatures come and go so grab this one if you want to. My own original design One thing is for sure ..there will never be another quite like this. THE STORY OF THE FAIRY TREE The most amazing thing happened today as we journeyed through a remote part of Hob Knobby Hollow. We entered an area only known to magic elfin types, so you need an elfin guide to enter the realm. I could not believe it, but there stood
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