OOAK Blythe doll for custom practice

Up for auction is brand new Hybrid Neo Blythe doll for play and / or for practice of your customizing skills. Please carefully go through below description and photos to make your judgment prior to your purchase. I will try to describe the doll to the best of my knowledge.

- She is a Hybrid Neo Blythe doll. However, I do not have any information what Blythe head, body, scalp, hair and eye mechanism are used to make this doll but all parts are authentic Blythe.

- She is in like new condition and is almost perfect as far as I can see. She has no scratches or stains. She has perfect scalp swap. Flange ( near hair line ), scalp, face plates and body are identical match. The only small problem I can see is there is a VERY small gap between her front and back body plates. All her joints are stiff.

- Her eye chip colors are purple ( side gaze ), golden yellow ( side gaze ), pink ( front glance ) and bright green ( front glance ). All her 4 eye chips are special eye chip colors. Her pink and bright green eye chips ( front glance ) have ribbons on the eye chips.

- He hair color is redish brown. She has very long and soft hair. However, her hair has different length at the end.

- Her make-up is perfect. No scratches.

- Her eyelashes are slightly bent during her long travel to me in a small
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