OOAK, New England Folk Art Nantucket Sleigh Ride, Wood Santa On Large Whale

This is one of my original, one of a kind designs that I did using a New England Folk Art Nantucket theme. My husband cut out the design on Pine wood for me to paint. This collectible, signed and dated piece is called "Santa's Nantucket Sleigh Ride". The saying came about back in the Whaling days on Nantucket when the Sailors in the Whale Boats would harpoon the Whale. The harpooned Whale would then pull the boat around the water until it tired and was capture for Oil for Lamps. The Sailors would refer to this as a "Nantucket Sleigh Ride". This collectible piece measures 25 inches long and 9 inches tall. Santa is dressed in his traditional suit of Red with White Trim. His Belt and Boots are Black, and the trim around his Hat is Black and White Check. His Honey colored Bag has Black Stars and has a Doll, a Red Truck and a Blue Sail Boat with White Sails. The Whale has a Grey Banner with White Roping painted trim and the words, "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" in black. There are 2 brackets in the back for easy hanging and display, or the piece actually free stands on it's own as well, so you can stand it on a Mantel, Shelf, Table, Floor, or Window Sill. This One Of A Kind is softly antiqued, distressed and painted with a touch of New England Folk Art Nantucket Charm! Thanks for stopping by!