OOAK polymer clay art sculpt baby doll by mommakappie

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Up for adoption from the JESUS LOVES ME Adoption Agency,

'Brynn '

'Brynn is 7 1/4" long with big baby blue eyes and very pale hand rooted, baked in mohair. She's been lightly blushed to a very fair soft baby pink. Her mouth has been glazed for a wet look and her toesnails and fingernails have been lightly glazed for a natural sheen. She's wearing a removeable baby pink satin sailor dress with matching hat and panties. They have been trimmed with white silk ribbon. She also has pink baby shoes with white hand made socks. All of her clothes were hand made with love by me. She also has her tiny poseable pink teddy bear and she'll have her adoption certificate with her.

Her twin brother Bryan is available in another auction.

All of the babies that will be coming from the JESUS LOVES ME adoption agency are original and not perfect. They are the type of babies that only a momma and JESUS could love. Each are unique with individual personalities, just like real babies. They are sculpted one at a time with lots of love using Proscult clay mix. No molds are ever used. Genesis heat set paints are used to blush them, and their hair, if any, is the finest mohair. They have soft poseable doe skin bodies filled with steel shot which makes them extra
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