OOAK Reborn Baby Doll So Lifelike

You are purchasing a beautiful reborn baby doll. My goal is to create a lifelike doll that can allow you to hold those precious memories for a lifetime. Up for sale/adoption is a beautiful realistic reborn doll. This baby has a beautiful light angelic skintone. baby has no hair and is very newborn. I like my dolls to have a soft complextion therefore i lightly painted them so they do not appear overly dramatically painted. Baby has a fresh clipped appearance to its nails no just left the nail salon look to my dolls;) Baby should be able to wear newborn in real infant clothing depending on the clothing brand. When you hold baby in your arms baby is nice and cuddly.Limbs are nice and soft and squishy. Baby is very posable as you can see in photos and has a handmade cloth body that is not perfect but is hidden with clothing. Baby is very fun and easy to dress and perfect for any collector as its cloth body is the only thing weighted with polyfil. Only the finest materials are used in creating this precious baby. Please view all unedited photos so you know exactly what you will receive. What you see is in fact what you will get. Please keep in mind different viewing monitors may alter coloring. Much time and love went into creating this baby doll please treat it with care upon receiving. This is a handmade baby doll there is no such

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