OOAK Tony Slattery Doll

Here's one to amaze your friends. This doll head was made by a doll maker who copies celebrities. Truly one of a kind doll of Tony Slattery, British stage and screen and TV and anything else star. The body was not made for the doll so although it stays on, it can fall off if dropped. I added the suit so he's clothed for now. I don't have any other dolls from Who's Line is it Anyway, and no Hugh Laurie so...

This Tony doll would look pretty good in a Barbie outfit as well! He is about the size of Ken, 11 inches. �

Will ship overseas (I'm in the USA) but shipping is very high these days so be warned!

I will be away til Sunday the 22nd so if bought before then he will ship Monday the 23rd. �