OPA Ration Token,Blue 250 boxed set,Issued to Bank

This a a rare find,WWII OPA Ration Tokens 250 BLUE in OPA Issued to Banks box:
OPA would issue 250 tokens per box label in either red tape for red tokens or blue tape for blue tokens..
This box has 250 BLUE tokens the tape seal is broken..box in good condition,has a few bumps here and there..has bumps,slighly soiled,faded blue tape..graphics in great bright condition..Must have for Fathers day..
I will be listing other WWII OPA RATION Token Memorbilia from our personal collection.....so you might want to add this shop too your favorites..
WW II Food Ration OPA Tokens
Blue & Red
During World War II, the federal government initiated a new agency called the "Office of Price Administration." Its objectives included rationing of scarce commodities, price fixing on certain items to avoid speculation, and preventing runaway inflation during the war.
Each household was issued ration books based on a variety of factors: number of people in the household, ages, children under the age of 3, elderly, and handicapped. These ration booklets contained various small stamps which had no cash value, but were required to purchase food items The price of the item was not a factor in the use of these stamps. However, to make exact change, shopkeepers were issued small red and or blue tokens. They were made
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