Opel Manta Ascona 400 Blitz Interior Seat Cloth Fabric

I recently had a rollof this Manta 400 seat fabric remade due to several of our customersrequiring some (we are Opel specialist restorers - www.).
Aside from that required for our customers, the majority of the cloth was pre-sold to members of the Opel Manta Owners Club and Total Opel forums. There is however a small amount left, which I have decided to list on here. In the interest of fairness it is a fixed price of £300 for enough to do a standard Manta/Ascona interior (this is the same price I have sold the rest for so far and reflects the high cost of small-volume cloth production).
What you will get is a length of cloth with 4 of the Opel Blitz logo stripes running accross it. when split up into four individual 'strips' these measure approx. 1500mm long by 410mm wide. each strip will do either the base and back of a Manta/Ascona Recaro (or other similar Recaro) or the base and back of one half of the rear seat.... thus the 4 strips will do front and rear seats.
The quality of the cloth is extremely good - have been lucky enough to own a genuine Irmscher Manta with the original Blitz interior, and this reproduction is almost identical in weave and texture to the original.