3 Open salts ! spoon - GORHAM #1045 & #2230 + COLONIAL spoon + Birmingham salt

I am finally doing what I had intended on doing in the beginning - A drawer - a box - a shelf - So first drawer I opened was full of Sterling and glass - 99.87% clear glass - a red liner snuck in but the next few days will be silver and silver and clear glass pieces - All of my metals get a polish so that I know what I am selling you - So if you like patina I am very sorry but any on these pieces has gone down the drain --

This lot includes one that shows why I clean my silvers before listing them - The large oval with the red liner - Listed with beautiful patina - The patina covered the dent - Very hard for me to capture it - but one of the pictures shows it the best I can - It is right under the yellow reflection - It is visible but fortunately it is on the back of the salt - Is this luck or what - No other problems and the liner is chip and crack free - 1 5/8" tall at the end and about 3 3/8" across the top - An impressive piece even with the dent - Marks are on the bottom rim - Lion = sterling - STERLING - A4686 - Anchor = Birmingham and it carries a date mark but I could not match it to my satisfaction with the Birmingham date marks - Also has 14 - M5 - Often sold as a set because they complement each other nicely - Gorham salt Model number 2230 shown on Plate 287 in the Tompkins' book with a date stamp of 1890 - The spoon
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