Operation Calendar USS Wasp Spitfire Signed Naval Art

Welcome to our Fall Clearance Sale . We often receive prints from collections we purchase in damaged condition due to improper storage or handling. Usually the "hangar rash" is such that the print can still be framed and enjoyed. Our policy is to fully disclose all known flaws on the prints we sell. Our preference is to provide you with prints in excellent condition. However, sometimes bad things happen to good prints.

Fall Clearance Sale All prints in the Garage Sale category are offered "as is".


This print and other similar prints offered in the " Garage Sale " category of our eBay was recently acquired in a larger collection. This print has been mishandled and improperly stored by a previous owner and as such can be expected to show a variety of flaws such as edge and corner rash and possibly a missing COA .

Please read the item description carefully - we have tried our best to describe this print accurately as it is our policy to fully disclose all known problems with the prints we sell. However, if you have questions please do ask. The starting price of the print has been adjusted according to condition. It is possible that we have a copy of this print in excellent condition if you require a copy for archival purposes in your collection - please ask.

That having been said,
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