Optical FIlter Astronomy 656.3 nm Hydrogen Alpha 2 inch Eyepiece Galaxy Nebulea

Check out my other items !

Check out my other items !

This filter is designed for Amateur Astronomers desiring to capture the emission of Hydrogen and Deuterium from Nebula and Galaxies. The filter transmits efficiently the emission between 656.1 and 656.3 nm of ionized Hydrogen and Deuterium (80 to 90%) while rejecting most other light. This filter has a free spectral range from the UV to NIR (most light from 200 to 1000nm is attenuated to 10e-3, so it can be used with a CCD camera, as well as film. Due to the eyes insensitivity, this filter is not suitable for visual observation.

The filter size is a nominal 50mm, and is mounted in a threaded 48mm standard eyepiece mount. This size is often referred to as 2".

Filter specifications follow:

CWL 656+-1nm, HBW 7+-1nm, Transmission >80% at CWL, Blocking Avg 10e3 from 200 to 1000nm. (limited transmission to OD 1.0 may occur with negligible impact on performance.) Mounted in standard eyepiece mount of 48mm size.

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