or. Jewish HOLOCAUST conc. camp STAR for PROSTITUTES



Please don't hesitate make me your offer !! I always can give you a good discount

Extremely rare original a Je wish triangle for PROSTITUTES
You are bidding on an original WWII Jewish concentration camp star patches . B lack triangle was used for asocial, a catch-all term for vagrants, bums, prostitutes, hobos, alcoholics who were living on the streets, or anyone who didn't have a permanent address . As you know you can find a lot of samples of Jewish armband, but EXTREMELY RARE to find star patches for Jewish camp uniform .
Original pictures. I am starting to sell a collection I bought from estate.
Estimate price for that nice item is $250 - $270 . Please don't hesitate make me your offer !!
This is very important example of the people history. A very sad reminder of a very sad time, but nevertheless a real piece of Jewish history to teach your children or for the avid collector of these type items. I believe what this item will help to everyone don't forget that awful period of history.

Shipping and Payment Buyer has to contact seller the next 24 hours. Payment must be received within 10 days of the end of the auction.
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- personal or business check (has to be clear)
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