Oracle no.13 rare fanzine 1969 EC Comics Green Lantern 76 Early British Fandom

More classic comic fanzines from my collection built up over the years...

Oracle no.13, Oct 1969

43 year old fanzine!

Original cover of the... Oracle logo!!!

Early issue of Dez Skinn's British fandom-founding fanzine

Rarity: Print run of around 200 ?

Condition: VG- rear cover detached as stalped sheets

Full contents:

"Editorial" on the blank cover, the "great wait since the last issue", the Oracle / Heroes Unlimited special, Frank Dobson leaving for Australia, Fantasy Advertiser and Steve Moore 1pg, "Marvel News" reviews of: Captain America no.121, Incredible Hulk no.124, Chamber Of Darkness no.4, Amazing Adventures & Astonishing Tales 1pg, "DC Details" reviews of: Green Lantern no.76 "It's rather a good issue...", Showcase no.90, Detective Comics no.397, Brave And Bold no.89, Aquaman no.50, House Of Mystery no.185, Star Spangled War Stories no.149 2pg, "EC Checklist" The Full Edition Of The Complete EC Checklist 1970 advert from Fred von Bernewitz and index sample 2pg, Steve Moore "Aspect Family Entertainment" Aspect no.1 fanzine advert (flyer stapled in) 1pg, "The British Comic Scene" news of IPC increasing their staff "Steve Moore... Steve Parkhouse and Dez Skinn", Frank Dobson, Michael Moorcock, Doc Savage & Dark They Were And Golden Eyed 1pg, Warren
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