Orange POLYFOAM for model making & crafts 200x295mm for HOT WIRE cutters

Extra high density extruded polyfoam is rigid, strong, very light and highly moisture-

resistant, can be cut, sawn, filed, drilled, sanded and shaped to your needs. It will

also cut easily with a Hot Wire Cutter as used for modelling.

It has many modelling and craftwork uses in display work, wargaming, boats,

aeroplanes, railway scenery, card making etc.

You can easily paint this foam with any water based paint, or artists' acrylics.

It can be glued easily with water based glue or UHU por expanded polystyrene glue.

With this purchase you will receive a pack of:

15 sheets 1.5mm thick

or 13 sheets 2mm thick

or 11 sheets 3mm thick

or 9 sheets 4mm thick

or 7 sheets 5mm thick

or 5 sheets 10mm thick

or 3 sheets 15mm thick

or 2 sheets 25mm thick

or 1 sheet 50mm thick

or assorted 1:

( 1 x 25mm, 1 x 15mm, 1 x 10mm)

or assorted 2:

( 1 x 10mm, 2 x 5mm, 2 x 4mm, 2 x 3mm, 2 x 2mm, 2 x 1,5mm)

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