The Ordnance Sergeant Magazine January 1942 WWII RARE

The Ordnance Sergeant, issue January 1942 No. 1, Vol. 3. Published by the Ordnance School in the interest of Ordnance Sergeants. This magazine was the idea of Master Sergeant Hugh F. Martin in 1940. The first issue of the "Ordnance Sergeant" was published in January of 1941. It was published monthly until October of 1945.

This issue - as stated on the first page at index is first anniversary issue. "Captain Spinrad tells us of the earlier educational methods of the Ordnance Department in an article beginning on page 1. Mrs. Nelson recalls a few memories of the last ancestor of The Ordnance School, the former Ordnance Field Service School, at Raritan Arsenal, on page 9. This article is amply illustrated with photos from the old school at Raritan. The story of the New Ordnance School begins on page 12 and before the discussion is ended each section of the School has told its own story."

"If you have ever wondered about the beginning of the Ordnance Sergeant, read, "The Birth of The Ordnance Sergeant" on page 5. But if you want to play fair, continue by reading the next article. It is a challenge to every reader and every organization in the Ordnance department."

Some articles listed in index:

Greetings from the Chief of Ordnance
Greetings from Brigadier General Case
Early History
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