Original FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, dated July 16, 1859. COMPLETE in 16 pages, Folio (16" x 11").

Featured in this issue is an original 6 3/4" x 9 1/4" wood engraved view "FEARFUL ACCIDENT ON THE MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD, ON THE 27TH JUNE, 1859" (Mishawaka, IN).

The accompanying article "ACCIDENT ON THE MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD" reads, "...The catastrophe occurred on the Michigan Southern road, near South Bend, Indiana, at about midnight on Monday, the 27th of June. It seems that the scene of the disaster was a swamp, over which the rails had been laid on wooden planks, supported by culverts. A heavy rain prevailed during the night, which flooded the swamp to such an extent that a loose culvert was swept away, and with it a portion of the rail, leaving a huge gap in the road. not a soul was aware of this circumstance, and the train from Chicago dashed along with its precious freight of human lives, and was hurled into the treacherous swamp below. The engine was completely buried in the mud and sand on the opposite side of the ravine; while the tender, baggage, and express cars, and two second-class passenger cars were splintered into fragments. The two first-class passenger cars followed, and were torn to pieces and carried down the stream, while the sleeping car although making the leap with
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