Oriental antique green jade manual sculpture of the goddess of mercy, the Buddha

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Items height;25.2 cm

Items width;cm

Item weight; 1647g

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Shipping & Handling:

American buyers transport using E mail treasure transport, rapid return to cast, transport time 7 to 15 days, other countries and regions, USES the international parcel, transport time 15-25 days, weight more than 2000 grams, the EMS to send, the time needed to eight to ten days.

Transportation to label items shall prevail, if a buyer at the same time buy two more items, we welcome combined transport, transport costs a discount rate of 10%, no more discount.


We only accept payment from paypal

Since the end of bidding are allowed to have 4 days payment

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Goods freight; We are very like you buy two or more items, we also support merge freight, to buy two or more items we transport a discount rate of 10%, I am new sellers, I have no money, I
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