Oriental Carpet

Hand Knotted Persian Isphahan Carpet..
We Inherited this Carpet with our home some 30 years ago,
The Carpet is good condition and has a bit of color run and a few worn areas which is typical of a Carpet of its age. It has a lot of character and has many years left.
I just had the Carpet cleaned by a company who specialises in Oriental rugs and Carpets and they have told me that it is All Hand Knotted made in Persia,in a place called Isphahan, and to replace one would start around £1800 from most high street shops and that would be the sale price.
I do not have the time for Auction houses as We are leaving the UK for a warmer climate where my existing furniture and other possestions would not look right on Marble floors.
I hope the new owners enjoy the Carpet as much as we have.