Orig 1920s Mickey Mouse Performo Grove Studio Toy RARE!

Awesome Original Toy by Performo Toy Co * Grove Studio

World's Greatest Patriotic Animal Acrobats" * "The greatest little show on earth"

* Nicki with white feet

Amongst the property that was being sold of L. Grove, son of Rene Grove, (the original toy maker of Performo Toys), I found "ancient" boxes of old unused stock of Performo / Grove Studio Toys, circa 1924-1927, in the attic of Rene Grove's Grove Studio workshop . I will be listing them all in the next few days.

This is a toy that was a predecessor to Micky Mouse , called "Nicki", circa 1924-1927 . He is attached to an advertisement that was made much later, but the toy itself is from the 20's.

In addition to the Nicki toy is a squeaker and a pole stand that are all original and hand made.

These rare old toys are all in excellent unused condition , a toy collector's dream find!

This will be carefully packed and shipped so you may receive it with no loss.

Just to give you a little history, Performo toys had an early patent on Micky Mouse in 1926 and Disney's Mickey Mouse was not introduced nor patented until a few years later. Even so, Disney sued Rene Grove and Performo, with Disney somehow winning the case and Performo, with mounting litigation and legal fees, eventually folded its previously successful
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