Orig 1978 JOHN WAYNE GACY Chicago Sun Times Newspaper

Original CHICAGO SUN TIMES newspaper dated Saturday, December 30, 1978. COMPLETE in 61 pgs, tabloid (15" x 12").

The front page headline: "BODY TOTAL UP TO 28; GACY KEPT FROM THE COURT".

Articles in this newspaper about the Gacy investigation include: "BODY TOTAL 28; MAY BE A RECORD", "GACY TRIP WITH YOUTH REPORTED" & "RUNAWAYS' OWN HOT LINE".

The article "BODY TOTAL 28..." reads, "The grave-pocked earth under the John Gacy home yielded six more skeletons Friday, raising the toll of dead linked to the suburban contractor to 28. If one person killed all 28, it would be a record number of victims for a mass murder case in modern U.S. History...Gacy was scheduled to appear at 9:30 a.m. before Associate Judge John L. White, whose packed courtroom was surrounded by guards who searched each visitor. But 11:35 a.m. Judge White announced that he had received a phone call from Chief Judge Richard J. Fitzgerald instructing him that it was best that Gacy not appear in court 'for security reasons'...".

T are additional articles in this issue about Rev. Jim Jones, Isiah Thomas (playing for his H.S. team, St. Joseph), and MORE!

IN VERY GOOD CONDITION!! NO BRITTLENESS!! VERY LITTLE TONING!! The original owner's name appears near the newspaper's title plate. Three pages near the start of this issue have a small

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