Orig. 1999 WotC Pokémon Base Set "Shadowless" Venusaur Booster Pack (WOC06033)

You're bidding on a single original Pokémon booster pack, as shown with the Venusaur artwork on the booster pack. This pack will be pulled right from the display box. It has not been opened, weighed, scanned, sniffed, or dowsed; I'm just wrapping it up in a padded envelope and sending it out to the winner. I was the production manager for Magic: the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast Employee #7), and this display box has been in my possession since I received it from WotC back in 1999. The booster packages, as you can see in the photo, are in excellent condition, with no scratches or marks to speak of.
My display box does not have "1st Edition" on the top, it does have the original Charizard artwork on the right-hand side, and the boosters have the "Trading Card Game" banner on the front, which indicates that these boosters are from the early, rare "Shadowless" release. If you aren't sure what that means, I recommend checking out the eBay guide .
I only have a few of these boosters left, so please don't ask me about letting you buy all my remaining boosters with some kind of bulk-rate discount.
Shipping, U.S.: The free shipping is via USPS First Class. I have shipped thousands of items this way and almost never had any problems; nevertheless, I will not offer a refund or replacement for a package "lost in the mail." (Most
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