orig CRAZED GREEN GLASS egg/ORB/knob SHILLELAGH Dress Cane walking stick~gift

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StickWithCharacter [me]


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this functional cane is made by me personally in my shop--using ordinary tools

for use in support -or- just place in your hall-way cane/umbrella rack as an occasional uasge/collector stick Stick can be used just as You would use a SUPPORT cane
All my stick creations are both FUNCTIONAL ~and~ are COLLECTOR QUALITY--as all are completely 1-O-Kind-Originals


------------------------------------------- ORIGINATION

AFFERIMATION OF ORIGIN . . . All my handcrafted offerings are made-by-me-personally! There is no other party involved in the handiwork. . . Most begin as gifts from 'Mom-Nature' to be enhanced by my brain & hands. . . Each of my walking-sticks are the result of my own creativity. . . With few exceptions, each is signed, dated, and functional as stated. Tony Bado www.battlefieldsticks.



stick is designed to support 200+ lbs. - measures approx 37 inches... weight = approx 14 oz. **

eaisly trimmed for orthopedic support cane fit

SHAFT is a turned red-oak stained hardwood tapered dowl

shaft is polycoated for luster and protection

CRAZED GLAS ORB handle is securely attached


tapered oak shaft is 99+ % straight

the glass knobhas a green hue and is egg-shaped...comfy in the hand

GREAT handmade StickWithCHARACTER!

my logo & made-date is embossed on shaft

my craft-show booth

shaft is smooth to the feel

can be trimmed for orthopedic cane fit

ordinary usage = support; adorn hallway umbrella rack; addition to your collection

. . . see my ebay guide... HOW-TO-FIT-YOUR-STICK

made SEPT 9, 2015

includes rubber foot

{my battlefieldsticks.com logo and sinage etched on shaft}

cane is NEW ... never used

a one-of-a-kind-original. . . INDEED!


also note in making the stick a loose screw got stuck INSIDE the orb

GREAT USEFUL GIFT IDEA!! -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- some testimonials of some past buyers below


Dear stickwithcharacter,
Thank you for my beautiful cane - my Christmas present to myself in July!!!

It is far much lovelier in my hand and by my side than I imagined it would be. Blessings to you, Carmen D.

- mimzzee

AN UNSOLICITED ENDORSEMENT from an Author in Marthas' Vinyard. . . .

Good afternoon, Tony!
It is now 5 months since I shattered my kneecap and I will be going into surgery tomorrow for a little fine tuning. I would not have made it through the last 5 months without the aid of your marvelous canes. When I was first injured I purchased a one-piece dogwood bark cane which was capable of bearing nearly 100 pounds more than I expected to put on it. Subsequently, I purchased a diamond willow cane sith a naturally-shed antler handle as my "dress" cane for business and formal occasions. Most recently I purchased a unique apple cane with an ergonomic mahogany handle. It has now turned into my workhorse cane throughout my recovery and rehabilitation. For those of us going through a rough patch during the course of our rehabilitation we have developed a dependence upon your products and derive both strength and confidence in their durability and fashionability. Throughout my rehabilitation I could have survived without your products but it would not have been either as pleasurable or as much fun
Christopher Knowles

-- Christopher Allan Knowles, MPA Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
consider purchasing Chris' book[s] ~



My Dad opened the Box, said he had to to have this Cane,He gave me $ 400.00 ! Buyer: trackhoe62 ( 506 ) During past month beautiful DIAMOND WILLOW CANE/walking stick Prime Elk Antler~USA Flag&Eagle~gift (#131429204297) US $199.00 View Item Words cannot express how beautiful this is. Thank you so very, very much!!! Buyer: maryellen697 ( 1526 ) During past month DR WHO deep-twisty-spiral dark MAPLE Deer Antler CANE/walking-stick~gift (#380877144436) US $179.00 View Item



Hi Tony,

I just wanted to let you know we received the Betty Boop walking stick on Thursday and my Mom began using it that evening. The true test was her taking it to the mall with her on Friday to meet friends. She said it helped tremendously and she wasn't nearly as sore when she came home. She loves showing it off and has been taking it with her everywhere. J All her friends want to know where she found such a cute cane. It's quite a show-piece for her. I'm not sure how I can thank you or tell you how much it means to me that she is happy to use the walking stick and that she is in less pain after her little outings. Plus I don't worry as much about her losing her balance and falling. And, of course, thank you for sending it out so quickly. You're a wonderful man that is improving the quality of life for many people, not only those that use your beautiful walking sticks but for their families that care for them as well. Thank you!!! Beth Blase & family


MY LATEST testimonial. . . from Pastor Jess in California:

Wow! Thank you very much for the 3 canes. I know I said I would sell them here to use the money for bibles but after seeing them I know exactly what to do. They are just the right size for two elderly women I know in separate churches and I know they are in need of a cane, so with your permission I would like to give a cane to each of them. I know God gets all the Praise & Glory but I will let them know that they were custom made by you for them. Thanks again Tony & God bless you for your help.

PS not only are your canes works of art but also an instrument in helping someone to move around safely. I can't thank you enough.


Hi Tony, received my stick Friday and it is beautiful. There was no place to leave a 5 star rating in eBay so I leave it here. Will recommend your site to anyone who questions where I bought it. Thank you for everything again, Artie
here is another. . . . .

Hi Tony,
I just received your beautiful stick this afternoon and it's absolutely perfect. Thank you, and have a fabulous Christmas!
Kind regards,




received cane today it is absolutly awesome. thank you so much, it will be a very sucessful and useful gift.......he's gonna love it....so do i the copper tab and initial are very unique have a very merry christmas carol ================================= AND YET ANOTHER . . . It has arrived. I can't find your phone # but, it is BEAUTIFUL! You should see the smile on Ed's face. Thank you so much for all you did to make this such a special day! With regards, Kris ====================== SEE http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/bfsticks/testimon.html for more testimonials ============================ CANE SALES TO NOTIBLE PERSONS. . . here are 3 AUTHORS, 1 Poet, & 1 Film-maker, 1 Brewer [England], & a Corporate owner/manufacturer . . . who are now enjoying my cane creations: Michael Kamer: his book ~ "Successful Dog Training"
Steve Berglas: his book ~ "Reclaiming the Fire..."
Christopher Allan Knowles: his book ~ Murder in Georgetown Lodge"
Peter Charles Downey : [film-maker - Australia] {United Natures Independent Media} his movie: Anima Mundi .
Joseph Randall Sherman ~ Poet & Author - Portugal [OneLight*® Authors & Creations]
his books: "Songs of Love" & "Echoes from Within" . . .
Frank Dupps - [world-class rendering equipment] ~ Cullen Whittle [Wadworth Brewery, England] ~
======================================================================== HERE IS A PERSONAL NOTE I JUST RECEIVED: [parts altered for privacy] Dear stickwithcharacter,
Hello- it is time to purchase a second walking/hiking stick from you.
This is for my daughter, who is heading out on the AT. I love this one- it needs to be about 40 " ( her elbow height is 40", she is only 5.2 so do you recommend a wee bit taller than 40"? ) and I would like to get a monogrammed plate on it, along with your traditional leash/handle and whistle. Initials are MMC.
Would you kindly give me a price and also include shipping to West Chester, PA 19380. I gave my dad one of your walking sticks on his 80th birthday- he uses it always and gets so many compliments on it. He will be 90 this August....You created it with a brass horsehead from a fireplace set. And since he is from Louisville, it couldn't be more perfect. So should we attribute his longevity to your walking stick? Please let me know what other information you need for the basic hiking stick. I will send you payment as soon as I get a total from you.
With thanks, Rosemary C??????? - rosemary?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ANOTHER. . . . Here is an email from an appreciative holiday buyer in Florida ~ [Holly Shillelagh]. . . Hi
"Walking stick just arrive. I am very pleased with the entire transaction and item. Left 5 star feedback for you, really hope to buy from you again. Thanks and Happy New Year"
--------------------------- MORE KIND WORDS Dear Battlefield sticks, re. ["RARE LAKESOAKED DOGWOOD ROOT-CANE] "I cannot BELIEVE that I found this walking stick for my father!He is 81 and this is EXACTLY what he wanted! I can't believe that I didn't find it sooner. I see that you are in Virginia. I am so hoping to get it by Christmas...Thursday or Friday. If there is a greater charge for shipping it out more quickly please let me know....I will be glad to pay the extra. Thank You! You are a real artist! Beautiful creations! Lynn E."
------------------------ ANOTHER FROM KIRK... Hi Tony,
Thanks! You are the best. I'm replacing the previous burr antler cane I purchased because my father liked it so much it went home with him! :)
Tony, may I put your store address on our website? I am the leader of a Filipino Martial Arts group and I know many of our members may be interested in your work. All my buddies are jealous of my canes and you know I think your work is top notch. Please let me know your feeling.
Thanks again and best wishes.
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