orig photo 1920-30s CHINATOWN gangs NYC Hip Sing Tong

original photograph

Identified on back:
"Death Follows Ten Year Truce in Chinatown"
One killed and three shot constituted the end of a ten year truce between
the On Leong Tong and the Hip Sing Tong in New York's Chinatown
on October 8th. Photo shows Chinese reading a Mott Street bulletin on which
are posted the names of merchants who belog to neither tong. These bulletins are
put up by the merchants as a guard on their own lives.
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This photo supplied by United Newspictures
461 Eighth Ave
New York City

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and some publication highlight greasepencil marks)


I'm not sure of the exact date of this event - 1920s-30s ?

I did find some online information about the early NYC Chinatown gangs :
Chinese migration to the United States began in the late 1840s. Until the 1880s, Chinese immigrants worked primarily in mining, railroad construction, and agriculture in the American hinterland, when changes in employment opportunities and racial tensions drove many to the cities w relative security was obtained in Chinatowns.
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