yepThis is a NO reserve Auction so the Buy it now Vanishes after a first bid is placed. Up for bids at no reserve is a nice original Schwinn Logo "Ding Dong" bicycle handlebar bell. Nice and loud, decent chrome, Schwinn vintage Quality Seal logo is hanging in t pretty well, a bit sun faded. Great add-on to your vintage Schwinn Jaguar, Phantom, Hornet, Whizzer, Autocycle, Panther, etc etc.! Starting low....and NO reserve! Should be a good selection of hard to find parts coming up and all at no reserve and starting low, hey! like an AUCTION...remember what ebay was at one time? I combine shipping contact me if you have any questions or are looking for other parts.Ask questions before the auction ends, actual shipping only is charged, NO handling / packing fees.

NOTE: T appears to be a glitch in Ebays Listing format as I was FORCED to accept ELECTRONIC payments. No one should be forced to PAY MORE MONEY TO EBAY or any other ELECTRONIC PAYMENT service in addition to the FEES ebay already charges.. It's like Paying FEES to pay FEES. I will at last resort accept Paypal but prefer any other form of legitimate payment, Ebay wants to limit our choices and freedoms as sellers and disguise their pay pal collusion as "looking out for our best interests" when in reality, yep, their $best$ interests. I just love making LESS money from my

also Please disregard Ebays quoted shipping charges as they are often Off the Mark. You will be charged only actual postage or Fedex for all items...no handling charges or hidden packing fees. Cheapest way or your preffered way! Ebay forces you to quote a shipping amount which is totally idiotic as shipping always varies based on destination. Will also ship overseas as long as you pay only actual shipping costs to your international destination. ALL Bidders must contact me before making any kind of payment at the auctions end.

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