ORIG WWII RBNr '44 Rotated Button Zeltbahn LW Zeltplane WW2 Zelt shelter quarter

Absolute Guarantee this is a 100% ORIGINAL Rotated Buttonhole '44 dated WWII German zeltbahn, zeltplane or shelter quarter used by Heer or German army during the war.
"ROTATED BUTTON HOLE ZELT" This is among the RAREST version of the Wehrmacht's standard WH Splinter zelt's that we have been able to find. Look closely at the button holes - every other one is "ROTATED" 90 degrees. This is the result of an official order issued May 15, 1944 and cancelled shortly after on July 8, 1944 as a result of increased labour with no real benefit ------- SO for only 7 weeks there great zelts were constructed this way. Beautiful original stamp with RBNr.that reads: 0/0954/0004 and dated 1944. Zelts from this producer are quite common but what is interesting with the stamp on this zelt, its clear the 1944 date and the RBNr were 2 separate stamps. Fabric is in good condition, print is excellent on the bottom side with some sun fading evident on top side - several holes - see photos. Some of the rusted buttons are missing. Just a great zelt with a slightly salty been there done that war look. SEE PHOTOS BELOW
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