A+RARE Orig1909 Photo*CHILOCCO Indian School Baseball

For auction is a one-of-a-kind, rare, great resolution, MINT CONDITION, original, vintage (ca 1909), non-glossy, sepia tone, mounted photo that depicts the 1909 baseball team from the well known CHILOCCO INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL, Oklahoma. The Chilocco squad is featured with their opponents (the Arkansas City, Kansas "A's"?) and numerous well dressed fans. This classic image also includes athletic trainer and coach, ALFRED M. "Chief" VENNE* (middle of photo, fourth from the right on baseball player benches) who coached at Chilocco for a short time. Venne actually coached at the famous Carlisle Indian School (1904-08) and s everal of his players were recruited into pro and semi-pro baseball teams in the early 1900's. In this photo, I believe Venne is wearing his CARLISLE INDIAN SCHOOL trainer/coach jacket! (see 3rd pic featuring close-up of Venne in this auction's image attachements) Additionally, Alfred Venne also played an important role in training the young Jim Thorpe in several sporting events in Thorpe's early formative years. I do not know who photographed this photo. This photo has a great patina. Note the classic baseball uniforms, bats, and early baseball mits of the era. The photo measures 5" x 7" and the black mounting card measures 8" x 10". THIS AUCTION ITEM IS NOT A REPRODUCTION!

Constructed in 1883, Chilocco
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