Origianal 1960 Allan Herschell Amusement Rides Catalog

Here is one of the coolest Catalogs that I have ever found.. an original Allan Herschell Amusement Park Rides Catalog, from the Allan Herschell Company and The Miniature Train Co Division of North Tonawanda, New York that I found in the original Company Envelope that was sent on Aug 3, 1960 to a prospective Customer. Inside the original Company Envelope was the 1960 Catalog, a Fed 15, 1960 Price List, Brochure Sheet on the Electric Pony Cart and Roadway Rides, Roller Coaster Ride, Mite Mouse Ride, the Allan Herschell Trackless Train Specifications, Kiddielands order form, and the Original Letter on the Company Letterhead address to the Customer and signed by A Watson Bray of the Allan Herschell Company. The Catalog features the Merry Go Rounds, the G-16 and G-12 Miniature Trains, the 1865 Train, Train Accessories, The Helicopter, The Roadway Ride, The Jolly Caterpillar, The Sky Fighter, The Roller Coaster, The Kiddie Boat Ride, The Kiddie Buggy Ride, The Kiddie Auto Ride, The Brownie Tractor, The Mad Mouse Ride, The Twister, The Caterpillar, and More. The 42 Page Catalog and Set is in excellent ++ Condition with hardly no wear, looks and displays great with brilliant colors, and would be a super addition to your collection!

Thanks for looking!