Original 1870 Vanity Fair Print: German Kaiser: The Crown Prince of Prussia 1870

Original Vanity Fair Print of Prince Frederick William, The Crown Prince of Prussia by "Coide", dated 24th September 1870 and captioned "Fritz". A member of the German Royal family he married Vicky, the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. The match did not particularly appeal to all of the people of Britain, for Vanity Fair Magazine wrote "We in England might have wished for another husband for our Princess Royal than the fighting heir of a despotic and aggressive monarchy". He served his country with distinction in several military campaigns. He succeded to the throne of Germany as The Kaiser, but he reigned only briefly as the Geman Emperor Friedrich 3rd in the spring and summer of 1888. This print is "Men of the Day No.11" in the long running print series. This print is in original condition with all margins intact and all colours clear and bright. The original biography as published at the time accompanies the print.