Original 1933 International Air Race Pilot Entry Form

Vintage, Original 1933 "International Air Races" & "Gordon Bennett Balloon Race" Curtiss-Wright-Reynolds Airport - Chicago, Illinois Pilot Entry Form

Exceptional Condition, 75 years old, NOT a copy!

From the Estate of The National Air Races founder

Measures: 8" wide X 10 3/4" high

's a rare, vintage, original International Air Races & Gordon Bennett Balloon Race Entry form from 1933, 75 years ago. For Pilot participants competing in the Chicago, Illinois based event.

The form features a detailed Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of participating in the Air Race, including providing information relating to:

The Pilot's make of Airplane, make & type of motor, make of Balloon, name of Balloon, name of Pilot, name of organization or Country Pilot represents. An Indemnification Clause.

The reverse side of the Air Race Pilot Entry Form shows:

A "Schedule of Events and Prizes". And includes listings for "Free-For-All", Parachute Jumping Contest, International Free-For-All (for women only), The Chicago Daily News Trophy Race, Motors from 200 cubic inch to 550 cubic inch displacement or less. Prize monies are indicated from $200.00 to $10,000.00.

We acquired this auction lot from the estate of famous Aviator Cliff Henderson. Who founded
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