vintage original pre-war 1937 schwinn excelsior.

26 inch

i'd call this a 1937 but feel free to call it whatever you like, i won't mind.

501 crank dated 1936.

serial number: Z 0 - - - -

i'll save the other 4 digits for the winner. all numbers are clearly legible.

ALL ORIGINAL COBALT BLUE PAINT.... and you'll be hard pressed to find it any nicer......

bike is amazingly original all the way down to the fender screws, washers and bearings. & its extra clean inside and out.

bike is 100% perfectly functional as you see it. no cracked welds. no bent rims or axles. nothing is broken, nothing is bent. not even 1 single stripped thread on the entire bike........

you can see for yourself that the bike was well stored indoors and away from direct light for a good 60 + years & its clearly seen very little use. also obvious is that this bike has been taken apart a few times only.

LOADS of close up pics to check out every detail for yourself. and if you actually read the description, it will surely put you to sleep. they don't get any longer or more in depth. (located after the pictures.)

its winter time and i have nothing better to do at the moment.


yes, i'll ship this bike for FREE anyw in the continental U.S., fully insured to your door, AND in 2 BOXES to ensure not a scratch gets on it.

why you ask? whats the catch?

t is absolutely NO catch......

to make a long story short: i acquired the bike for next to nothing and simply thought i should have some fun with it when it came time to sell it. i've had it long enough and its time for someone else to enjoy it.

so s anybodys chance to own an amazing original early pre-war schwinn in completely INSANE condition.

if you have a nice stash of deluxe schwinn parts sitting around, s one for you well worth putting them on.

bike is located in chicago, illinois. right w it was made.

feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


have fun and enjoy........

bike looks even BETTER in person.

if you would like the original "un-compressed" image files to check this thing out even more, let me know and i'll e-mail them to you. no problem.


i figured i'd go nuts on the details, since i'll most likely never find another bike this old, original and complete to actually do it with.

the entire bike appears to me as ALL original except for the following 3 items which i know for sure aren't because i put them on.

1. chain guard is not original (thats a quick custo'd & unfinished 50's schwinn 3 speed racer guard. bet you couldn't even tell from a distance. she'll work just fine til you get your original, or just rock this. rather likely that the light weight schwinn guards they used on 40's and 50's bikes are just pre-war back stock. )
2. grips are not original. BUT these are original pre-war cokes, guaranteed. they have a couple splits at the ends, but nothing severe. totally solid. they fit a bit loose, but easy enough to sort that out when you get it. (this had a pair of white grips on it, melted into marshmallows of course.)
3. tires are not original (just some cheap riders, only ridden about 1 mile however. brand new.)

the rest of this bike is how it was when i aquired it. its about as close as you can get to original as possible. and i'm talking ALL original down to the fender screws, washers, bearings, spokes and nipples..... EVERYTHING.... its crazy.......

absolutely NOTHING on this bike is bent or broken. no cracked welds anyw (oops, wait.... t is 1 rear fender brace that is split open at the axle hole. you can't see it unless you take off the axle bolts. its still totally solid however. nothing to worry about.) the condition of all the parts and components is outstanding. not 1 stripped thread or bolt. bearings and races show hardly any wear. both front and rear drop outs are super tidy with very ...

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