Original 1960's ESSO Tiger Tail for Auto Gas Cap

This is an original tiger tail from the 1960's. It was found in an attic box and is unused. Complete with original elastic connector strap. Stripped cloth over internal spring. Measures 12 inches long. Excellent condition with no tears.

A Tiger in Your Tank?

Those of us with a bit of age on us well remember the Standard Oil commercials with the tiger urging us all to "put a tiger in our tank," meaning of course, that the gas sold by them was powerful, and similar to placing a huge beast in your gas tank. I remember even getting free fake tiger tails to place on the gas tank cap. Remember, gas tank caps were exposed then, and it became common to see cars with tiger tails flopping around the filler caps of their gas tanks.

The Esso Tiger
Esso Tiger - Orange jungle cat with black stripes who represented Esso Oil
in the mid-1960s with his trademark catchphrase "Put a tiger in your tank"
(created by Chicago copywriter Emery Smith).
From a humble beginning in Norway to the recognition he enjoys
today, it's been a long journey for one of the world's most
famous tigers. Esso's identification with the big cat dates back
to the early part of the 20th century when leaping tiger emblems
appeared on Esso Norway roadside gasoline pumps.
The tiger's next stop was in England in 1930.
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