original 1961 USAF Helmet w/visor and oxygen mask

Original USAF (United States Air Force) Helmet, Dated 5 / 1961 with retractable visor and interior speakers with detached oxygen mask.
Also included is the very thick insulated drawstring bag clearly indicating US AIRFORCE with insignia.
Although I rarely encounter military items this was a real find.
The helmets interior,the drawstring bag and oxygen mask have the following information transcribed verbatim (which may help those better versed in this sort of item to identify pertinent information):
1) Helmet,flying HGU-2/p
mil H-26671 (USAF)
Size Large
Date MFD 5-61
Gentex Corporation
2) Drawstring bag, Green color, very thick with US AIRFORCE stamp and insignia.
Bag markings;
Part No. 58k3576
Stock No. 8
Cont,Qm (ctm) 10145-E-61
LadyMac Corset Co,Inc
3) Oxygen Mask,Dark green color (Not attached to mask)
Mask Markings;
Mil-M 27274(USAF)
Size Regular Narrow
Contract No. Af34(601)8657
fsn 3
ENG.Co.PT NO 450-81
Sierra U.S.
Specific description of quality;
The Helmet is dirty,The front of the helmet(above the visor) has decals that say USAF the US part is a mess the AF part is perfect,above these is a decal of what looks like angel wings the wings are fine the helmet has NO dings
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