Original 1968 Poster "Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No

I got this poster at an estate sale along with other posters from the 1960s. I was told it was original and I believe it is. The poster is in great condition, just a little wear around the edges and t is some information about this poster. Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No ca. 1968
photomechanical lithograph
106.7 x 74.9 cm (42 x 29 1/2 in.)
Photographed by Larry Gates It was Joan Baez and her two sisters, Pauline and Mimi, on that 1968 poster! According to David Frum: "The poster sought to counter the fear that draft resistance was unmanly by promising draft resisters the traditional rewards of the warrior: the, um, attentions of beautiful and admiring females."
Proceeds from the poster sales went towards draft resistance. She had just performed at Madison Square Garden, and told the crowd that "if you feel that to go to war is wrong, then you must say no to the draft. And if young ladies feel it's wrong to kill, then you can say yes to the young men that say no to the draft".
Wow. It's kind of shocking to hear that now; someone telling young girls to offer sex if a guy avoids the draft!
Times and thinking have certainly changed in 40 years (thank goodness!)