Original, 1970 Signed Wilfred Satty Collage Print "Cowboy Over Waterfall"

Original, 1970 Signed Wilfred Satty Collage Print

"Cowboy Over Waterfall"

This is one of two works by Wilfred Satty

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This is a signed, open edition print by San Francisco artist Wilfred Satty (1939 - 1982) (Umlaut over the "a" to be correct.) The title is mine, for reference only.

Wilfred Satty created art using paper and mixed media collage and photocopying the end result to create an open edition of reproductions, book illustrations and posters based on his original collage work. This is an example of that technique.

This print measures 9 1/8" X 6 1/8" and is "tipped" on to a stiff backing paper measuring 14 3/4" x 11 1/8." The print is signed in pen by the artist.

Condition: The is a 1/8" round spot of surface soiling in the lower-right area which is only noticeable when reflected at an angle. Other than this one issue, print is in Mint condition.

"Drawings from his enormous collection of 19th-century illustrations, and using his knowledge of overprinting, collage, overlays, paints and offset lithography, Satty superimposed and juxtaposed images to create layered compositions of such wildness, density and subtle detail that they speak more tellingly than any static visual records of the time could do. His transformations
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