Original 1970s Sola Sound Coloursound Tone-Bender fully working

You are bidding foran original 1970s Coloursound Tone-Bender made by Sola Sound, London England in full working order.

I have had to stop serious guitar playing because of a problem with my left hand so I am going through all my music related items and parting with things I no longer need.

I bought this Tone-Bender brand new in the 1970s. I am not sure exactly when except that it was after 1973 and before 1979. I know this because I remember which band I was with when I bought it.

As you can see visually it is in good condition for something around 40 years old which is has seen stage use. It even has the original rubber pads on the base.

A short while ago I looked it out, fitted a new battery and when I tried it I realised that the foot switch, although appearing to work, was stuck. I put a new footswitch in and it worked perfectly. Other than that change of switch it is completely original, the circuitry has never been altered and so gives the original Tone-Bender sound. I am including the old switch with the Tone-Bender and if you are more adept than me at these things you may be able to un-stick it and re-fit it.

If you are looking at this auction you probably know what a fantastic range of sounds from fizzy fuzz to smooth overdrive the Tone-bender can produce and the many famous guitarists
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