This is a 1975 Stunt Cycle with a ramp and the man himself, Evel Knievel!

Look at the pictures, this bike was purchased from a hobby shop closing auction and as far as I can tell, has had some restoration because the rivets have been removed (most likely for gear repair inside) and put back (could have been handled a little cleaner but what do I know?)and the kickstand looks like a updated mold but good (be glad there is a kickstand cause most are broke or missing on bikes this old!) The bike has fresh decals and there are no broken foot holds, pegs or handle bars. Handle bars flex and spring back like they are supposed to and has the super cool seat trick bar. Its not mint but IT IS A AUTHENTIC EARLY EDITION and still will display beautifully and the great part is it's been tested and it works just like it did in 75'(I had forgotten how loud the toys are!) Evel looks great and has no broken or loose wires (his much newer I think). As I said these are not mint and have been played with but they have been tested and function as they are supposed to and will be super cool edition to your collection! Please ask questions and look closely at pics before you bid. check my feed back also, I do all I can to be accurate with listings and I don't intentionally hide any facts. I package well and if you pay fast I ship fast! SO , AS IS
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