Rare & Original 1976 Bicentennial U.S. Mint Souvenir set from the Denver Mint

You are bidding on an

Original 1976 Bicentennial U.S. Mint Souvenir Set

from the

Denver Mint

Included is a Bicentennial Quarter &

Bicentennial Half Dollar both from the Denver Mint.

Also a Brass token commemorating the old San Francisco Mint that was constructed in 1874 and nicknamed " The Granite Lady " or just "The old United States Mint" and was designed by the architect Alfred B. Mullett in a Greek Revival and Doric Order style. It was also one of the few buildings that survived the great 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. It was build on 88 Fifth Street and during its first year of operation, they minted $4 million worth of gold bullion coins. The building itself had a totally enclosed courtyard with a well in the center, which is one of the reasons that helped save the building during the fire of 1906 when it melted windows and made the granite and sandstone blocks blow up.

There was a great danger after these natural disasters. The San Francisco mint held $ 300 million worth of gold , which was equal to one third of the entire United States gold reserves . This gold was essential to backing up the US currency. Frank Leach, the Superintendent of the mint, along with his men were able to protect the gold supply, bullion and the building throughout this disaster
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