Original 1976 Holly Hobbie Toy Oven with Accessories in Box

Dating back to 1976 this is an original Holly Hobbie Toy Oven with many accessories and the Original box and instructions. What is portrayed on the box is included in the set with a little variation to the handle that is used to put the item in the oven or remove it however there are a lot of other accessories that are not shown so I don't know if they actually came with the set or if you could buy them individually afterwards. These can be seen in the photo which are some cookie cutters, measuring cup some extra pans, simulated cookies and brownies, angel food cake in a pan etc. It operates with a light bulb which does work. Cute toy for display, great memories for anyone who had one and if you have your own daughter maybe grand daughter now maybe you can show her what you did for fun when grwoing up. One side of the box is sun faded and it has a minor paper pull on the top flaps.