Original 1996 Unopened Tickle Me Elmo Tyco

This auction is for an Original 1996 unopened Tickle Me Elmo by Tyco.... As you know these Elmos are collectible item's and the value keeps going up,up,up... I threw in a picture of the elmo with a NEW TMX 10 year ann. Elmo because if interested we can make a deal to get both... these Elmos unopened in this condition are worth money and will be worth more money on the 15, and 20th year... pass these on to your daughters or grandaughters... The Picture of the little girl is my Madison who will be using her money for a Trip to Disneyland for Christmas.... The 1996 Elmo was in storage and in perfect condition except for a slight tear on the front of the box whitch is pictured.. any questions contact me... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!