Original 1997 eBay Logo Brochure and Sticker

Extremely Rare Example of the Very First eBay Logo From Early 1997
Before the introduction in the spring of 1997 of the wacky, colorful eBay Logo we all have come to know and love, t was another logo... a darker, more conservative, more serious logo...one that didn't last more than, well, probably a week if my memory serves me. And thank heavens for that! Can you imagine what eBay might have become with such a boring old logo? Still, it could have happened...(shudder).
Back in 2001, I stumbled upon a cache of these old brochures and stickers in a waste bin at eBay Inc. I didn't know what I would do with them but I couldn't sit by idly and watch eBay history tossed out with the rubbish so I rescued them and tucked them away. I came across them as I was packing up my trove of treasure from this year's eBay Live in Boston. They aren't serving me any good purpose sitting in a box in a closet so I am selling them on eBay to benefit one of my favorite charities, The Disabled Online Users Association.
If you collect eBay-ana you simply must have one of these. They are a little known part of eBay history!
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