ORIGINAL .303 BRITISH Jungle Carbine / Tommy Gun Sling

We have an original British Khaki (with a bit of greenish tint) Enfield Jungle Carbine Rifle or Tommy Gun sling. This the correct sling and will attach to any of the .303 British Enfield SMLE No. 1 Mk I and Mk III Rifles, The Lee-Enfield No. 4 and No 5 Rifles, and even the Pattern 1914 and US .30 Cal. Model 1917 Rifles but because of the length which is a bit less that 41" this sling is the corrent issue sling for the jungle carbine or tommy gun. The normal Enfield Rifle slings will be about 3" longer. Our sling is in NEAR MINT UN-ISSUED CONDITION (even the copper riveted brass end tabs are still shinny) and it does have some markings on the canvis material but they are too faint to read. Do not confuse this sling with the common fake ones that are sold on E-BAY and ShotGun News ads.......ours is 100% ORIGINAL AND VERY HARD TO FIND in any condition let alone one in ours...... Buyer is to pay for the shipping charges!!!!!!!! The cost of shipping this item will be $4.75 (within the United States). Insurance is optional, for up to $50.00 add $1.65 or from $50.01 to $100.00 add $2.05, then $.90 for each $100.00 after that. Upon E-bay notification of the winning auction please complete payment though PayPal for immediate shipping or notify us that payment will be made through the postal service along with your shipping address. Please ... read more