NICE ORIGINAL American Flyer Silver Rocket Set K5364W Nice Boxes NO RESERVE

NO RESERVE......Bidding starts at 99.00..... This Auction is for an American Flyer “The Silver Rocket K5364W” Train Set consisting of the following: (1) twin motor #474 A unit, (1) #475 non-powered A unit, (1)# 708 Remote Controller for the Air Chime & Whistle, (3) #962G illuminated Streamline Vista Dome cars, (1)#963G illuminated Observation Car, (12) #702 Curved Track, (6) #700 Straight Track, (1) pack of #693 Track Locks, (1) #690 Track Terminal, (1) #706 Remote Control Un-coupler plus all individual car and accessory boxes, instructions and engine wraps. This set was manufactured in 1954 and appears to be 100% original in our opinion. The 474 Powered A unit has a few very minor nicks/scratches with the rubber stamped ‘American Flyer Lines 474’ being faded on one side (see the 8th picture). We test ran this engine today and found it to operate very sluggish with the typical occasional sticking e-unit however it does run….Item Rates a C7-. Please note that if you intend to operate these vintage engines; we strongly recommend having them serviced to remove the old lubricants that tend to harden over the years and re-lube as required along with a general tune-up . The 475 non-powered A unit appears to have very minimal run time, does also have a few minor scratches with a small portion of the roof horn missing (please see

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